December 16, 2007

fRm thom yのメーリングリスト)よりThomのメッセージ:

please excuse this addiTion to YouR pile of email.

ThIs is not stricTly junk.

is a quick notE to Let YoU know thAT there will be shorttlY be a bunch of rmxs
of some of the songs from the ERAser album made available to download from

on the 17th of Dec a BURIAL rmx of anditrainedallNight
a ModeSeleKtOR rmx of skipdivideD
& a VAriouS rmx of aNaLYse

on the 18th of Dec a FoURtet rmx of AtoMS for PEace
& two Christian Vogel rmxs of ‘Black sWAn’

on the 19th of Dec the SuRGEon rmx of the CLock
a rmx of HarrOWdown HiLL by THE buG
& a rmx of Cymbal RUsh by The FIEld

that’s it. apoloGIes for the disturbanCE. check themm out if you get amoment.

i Hope yours is a pEaceful CHRistmas.


thom yorke.

取り急ぎ、アルバムThe Eraserから何曲かのリミックスがboomkat.comで近々ダウンロード可能になるのでお知らせ。

12月17日、And It Rained All Nightの Burial Remix、Skip DividedのModeselektor Remix、あと AnalyseのVarious Remix。

12月18日にAtoms for Peace Four Tet Remix、 それとBlack SwanのChristian Vogel Remixを2曲。

12月19日、The Clock Surgeon Remix、The Bug によるHarrowdown Hillのリミックス、それとあとThe FieldによるCymbal Rushのリミックス。


thom yorke.