March 8, 2009

DAS UPDATE : Tibet March in London today

Dead Air Space 更新。

Tibet March in London today

to commemorate 50 years of peaceful resistance to Chinese Rule.
starts at 11.30> Freetibet

there are also marches all over the world this week.. the link above has the details

Looks like there is a big clampdown going on in Tibet by the chinese authorities.. So much for the goodwill from the Olympics. Guess that was always bullshit.

Recent protests, detentions and disappearances Over the past 24 hours..
substantiated reports of the detention and disappearance of 21 Tibetans in Lithang County. On February 15 Lobsang Lhundup, a monk from Nekhor Monastery, was arrested for staging a peaceful solo protest in the main market square. For 15-20 minutes Lobsang chanted slogans "Long Live the Dalai Lama, "Independence for Tibet, "Swift return of the Dalai Lama to Tibet and "No Losar (Tibetan New Year) celebrations this year".

On February 16, Sonam Tenpa, a younger brother of Lobsang Lhundup, and fourteen other Tibetans staged a peaceful protest march at Lithang main square. According to eye-witness's Sonam Tenpa was carrying a huge portrait of the Dalai Lama adorned with a traditional Tibetan scarf. The peaceful protesters chanted independence slogans including "Long Live the Dalai Lama", "Independence for Tibet" and "No Losar celebration this year. It has been reported that a further five lay Tibetans also took part in this protest but, until now, this has not been substantiated.
Reports received from the site of the demonstrations state that all the Tibetan protesters were brutally beaten, manhandled and forcibly loaded into military trucks by Chinese Public Security Bureau forces. Sources have also reported that shops and restaurants in Lithang town remain closed, road blocks have been set up and there has been a subsequent deployment of massive troops to check further protest to the area.

'Strike Hard' Campaign and No Losar 2009 Over the past few weeks information has filtered out of Tibet that many (if not most) Tibetans are planning to not celebrate Losar (Tibetan New Year) this year, both as an act of resistance and to pay respect to those who died as a result of the crackdown on the Tibet-wide protests following 10 March 2008.
Meanwhile, security in Tibet is intense. The Chinese authorities in Tibet have launched a new 'Strike Hard Unified Checking Campaign' in Lhasa, mobilising hundreds of vehicles and personnel to carry out dawn raids; almost 6,000 people were checked in 3 days according to Lhasa Evening News (source: International Campaign for Tibet). Similar security build-ups have been documented in other Tibetan regions.

On 29 January the Tibetan Government in exile appealed to "governments and individuals around the world to actively intervene" so that "March 2008 may not be repeated again".

Go on then Gordon.