April 21, 2011

Radiohead's The Butcher/Supercollider will be available via W.A.S.T.E

4月15日付のDead Air Spaceの「Record Store Day」の投稿に6月14日にアメリカ、カナダでも発売する...の後にあらたにW.A.S.T.E.と付け加えられています。

Record Store Day

You may have heard that tomorrow we will be releasing two tracks, Supercollider and The Butcher on 12" vinyl through participating stores for Record Store Day.

This vinyl will also be available in the USA & Canada and the W.A.S.T.E. store on the 14th June.

Unfortunately, due to err…unforeseen circumstances that we didn't foresee, some of the vinyl have the labels on the wrong way around. It is too late to recall the vinyl and stick them on the right way round, so here is a copy of the labels for those of you who wish to download, print, cut out and stick on yourself with pritt stick (other glues are available) thus correcting the error. Or we could just rename the songs.

Apologies for any confusion caused and have a happy Record Store Day.