May 5, 2012

DAS UPDATE: One Little Plane - " Into the Trees "

Dead Air Space 更新。Colinの投稿。
5月7日リリース予定のColinが参加している(3/13ニュース参照)Kathryn Britよるサイケデリック・フォーク・プロジェクト、One Little Planeのアルバム「 Into the Trees」のお知らせ。

One Little Plane - " Into the Trees "


Hi, and here's the first record for the summer! I was chuffed when Kathryn asked me to play on it, it's a lovely thing, and heralds bright days and warm nights. Kieran ' Fourtet' Hebden is at the controls, and Giles Petersen has picked ' She Was Out in the Water ' to play on BBC Radio 6.

It comes out next week, Monday May 7th.

You can pre - order it on Itunes

You can get the cd from Boomkat

There are two tracks streaming on Soundcloud, and the whole record's going up to Soundcloud next week.


FourtetのKieranがGiles Petersenが選んだ曲' She Was Out in the Water ' をBBC Radio のコントロール室から流すよ。

Hold you down

She Was Out In The Water